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Procedure :
  • Choose category, in which you want to be presented.
  • Fill in dates using in the impressed form.
  • Send us minimum 3 digitize photos together with filling form.
  • You can save form on your PC before sending. /file - save as/
    Choose your target directory, for example direstory with documents.
  • Or you can send form direct from your browser,
    if you click on the element: /file - send - send page by e-mail/.
    You must send this e-mail on fitnessky@fitnessky.cz
  • Send e-mail with the form enclosure and with the photos.
    If you send photos separate, please write your name.
  • You will receive confirmation by e-mail from our server to the several days.

Form :
Fitness fitness_an.doc
Atlets atlets_an.doc
Bodybuildings bodybuildings_an.doc
Models models_an.doc

Saturday 08 August, 2020  Celebrate tody in the Czech republic Soběslav and tomorrow Roman

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